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The Cedi System is a system where players turn cards into points called "Cedi". Those points are used to summon strong boss monsters. Players can fight these monsters in the hope to finish the quest and obtain awesome costume, that only drop in cedi. There are two (2) main NPCs that are used for this system. The first one is NPC: Marlin Collector. Marlin Collector is the one that takes your cards and turns them into Cedi points. The other is Tam Tam. Tam Tam will transfer your Cedi points into nectar that is used to spawn the boss monsters.

Marlin Collector: He is a collector of cards. He requests help to finish his collection, so every two (2) hours, he will select a random card and ask that you bring him some. Marlin will change the card that he is looking for every two (2) hours, so check back often if you don't have the card he is currently looking for. The maximum amount of Cedi Points that he can give you in 1 day is 2,000. He is located at Maintown Trinity (91, 142)

Tam Tam: He is Marlin's partner and also a collector of Bio Samples. He will sell you special wares called nectar in exchange for Cedi and/or Bio Samples. There are 4 kinds of nectar, one for each tier of monsters, and it is required if you want to spawn one. Tam Tam will also tell you what your current Cedi Point balance is. Tim Tom is located at Maintown Trinity (91, 146)
Each nectar is used to summon a different type of MVP. Clear Nectar summons the weakest type of Cedi MVPs and Clear Nectar is for Tier D, Yellow Nectar is for Tier C, Red Nectar is for Tier B, and Blue Nectar is for  summons the strongest Cedi MVP, Ashura Chen  for Tier A.

⦁    The first step is to go to Maintown Trinity (@go 0). Located in the upper of Maintown Trinity city, is Merlin (Maintown Trinity (91, 142)). Click on him to start trading cards for Cedi Points. After he tells you the card he wants, you can then trade him the card(s). 
⦁    Continue trading him cards until you reach the point when you have enough points to go fight an MvP.
⦁    Head north, until you reach the buildings, then head east along the wall until you find Tam Tam. Use the Cedi Points that you earned from Merlin, to purchase nectar. Some nectar required Cedi Points and DNA samples to purchase the nectar. DNA Samples are dropped from MvP of the tier. DNA Sample will automatically to party leader when he/she click the reward chest.
⦁    Tier D MvP drops the   Low DNA Sample 
⦁    Tier C MvP drops the   Quality DNA Sample
⦁    Tier B MvP drops the   Pristine DNA Sample 
⦁    Tier A MvP drops the   Aquatic DNA Sample 
⦁    Aquatic DNA Sample can be traded at Reward Chest NPC in Maintown Trinity (93,139) for 50K CASH POINT. 
⦁    You may repeat any quests with 2 hours delay and you have the required fee to summon the MvP. 

⦁    Each Tier required 1000 points in total to continue to the next tier.
-Tier D need 8 nectar x 125 points 
-Tier C need 4 nectar x 250 points
-Tier B need 2 nectar x 500 points
-Tier A need 1 nectar x 1000 points

Frequently Asked and Question

1) What is Cedi?
Answer: Cedi is an ancient type of currency. Merlin gives people Cedi in exchange for cards that he collects. Cedi is given to Tam Tam to summon strong boss monsters.

2) What if I traded a card for Cedi Points on my merchant? Is it stuck on it?
Answer: Cedi points are stored for your whole account. So, as long as all the characters are on the same account, you can use any to collect Cedi, and spend the points with another character.

3) What is nectar, and what does it do?
Answer: Nectar is purchased from Tam Tam in exchange for Cedi points. Players use nectar to access special maps where the strong MvPs are in order to fight them.

4) What nectar is used for what MVPs?
Answer: Each nectar is used for a different tier.Clear Nectar is for Tier D, Yellow Nectar for Tier C, Red Nectar for Tier B, and Blue Nectar for Tier A.

Marlin Collector reset card every 2 hours from 00:00, 02:00, 04:00 etc
Raid Points Reset every 00:00 if your point is 2.000



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